Regal Privet Plant

Regal Privet Plant – Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum
The Regal Privet Plant is considered a fast-growing, hardy shrub. If left to grow on its own, it will create spreading branches that can mature to a beautiful, found-like hedge. This formation is what makes it so attractive as a backdrop to a garden in landscaping. It is capable of growing to hide things like foundations or walkway edges. The Regal Privet Plant has a wide range of zones, growing best in zones 3 to 7. It grows at a moderate rate in full sun to partial shade. It reaches a height of about 10 to 12 feet while spreading at approximately the same distances. One attractive quality about the Regal Privet is its great adaptability to a number of soil types. It prefers moist, well-drained soils that see a relative amount of sun when in a humid, southern environment, but it is also a hardy deciduous hedge when growing in more northern climates.

The Regal Privet Plant’s upright growth is marked by green foliage and white flowers that bloom in the spring. It carries dark berries through the winter and is both adaptable and prunable as a landscaping plant. Its dense foliage are what make it so attractive for use in backdrops, but its berries are also attractive to a number of birds and wildlife who come to eat from them in the winter. The plants grow upright in oval to radiation rounded formations, then achieve an arching vase growth as they mature. If frequently pruned, these plants will form a hedge shape. The dark green leaves are semi-evergreen in the south and slowly deciduous in the north, growing opposite in elliptical to oblong shapes of 1″ to 1.5″ of length. The blooms appear in May and June and attract a number of bees. The growth rate of Regal Privets depend on the frequency of pruning. The plants are useful in urban areas as they adapt well to stress.

Create An Elegant Living Privacy Fence

Busy highways? Noisy neighbors? Streetlights glaring through your windows? Wooden fences are very costly and annoying because of their wall like appearance. They are also costly to keep up, having to repaint or stain the wood every couple years. Why not opt for the ultimate and buy trees to make a living fence.

Cedar Trees is a faster growing evergreen and they grow as wide as any other type evergreen tree, reaching widths of 12-14 feet in width. They also tower to heights over 40 feet in height and when planted 4-6 feet apart they make the perfect border hedge or living fence.

Hemlock Trees are also a thick as well as dense evergreen tree. Evergreen conifers have many excellent attributes. Including they stay lush and green year round. In every season you will have beauty in your landscaping whereas with deciduous trees, in the winter, they loose all their foliage and go dormant. Hemlocks reach 30+ feet in height and also get to be 7-10 feet in width.

Privet Plants are also perfect for that privacy screen you want under 9 feet in height. Privet comes in many different varieties but all of them to not exceed average height over 9-10 feet, making them the absolute perfect smaller living fence tree.

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