Live Moss Enhances A Garden

Mosses are small, herbaceous plants that generally prefer to grow in shaded areas. There are about 12,000 different kinds of moss, but all lack veined leaves. Moss usually grows as a collective mat or sheet, but some types grow in tufts or pillows or upon the surfaces of rocks or tree bark.

Mosses absorb water and nutrients primarily through their leaves rather than through a root system. Unlike other plants, they have no vein system to transport water. Their tiny leaves are ribbed but not veined.

Mosses spread by spores and do not flower or produce seeds. Some species have male and female plants. Others are monoicous and have both male and female structures on the same plant. Lacking flowers and complex leaves, mosses may sound rather simple and unattractive, but many types of moss are quite beautiful. Some form colorful red, orange or yellow spore capsules that grow upright from the tip of a thin, hair-like stem.

Mosses are divided into three types. Peat moss, which is often referred to simply by the genus name sphagnum, is a well-known and economically important type of moss. In peat moss, live photosynthesizing cells grow within large patches of dead cells that retain moisture. This unique characteristic results in the formation of acidic bogs and peat swamps. Although they are important economically and environmentally, few people would purposefully cultivate peat mosses.

Acrocarpous mosses have branchless stems with spore capsules at their tips. They grow upright, almost like small trees, and have very small leaves. These mosses often grow in clumps or cushions, and hair cap and rock cap mosses both belong to this group. They prefer medium shade to dappled sunlight.

Pleurocarpous mosses have highly branched stems with spore capsules forming on side branches. They grow in dense mat structures and often have the delicate appearance of tiny ferns because of their branched stems. Pleurocarpous sheet mosses are especially easy to establish. They thrive in full shade, but some species are also tolerant of dappled sunlight. They never grow in full sun.

Both acrocarpous and pleurocarpous mosses are cultivated for aesthetic uses. The capsules of acrocarpous mosses are often brightly colored and give the appearance of tiny flowers. Moss occurs in many different shades of green, and garden designers often plant multiple species of moss together. This allows the appearance of the moss-covered area to change slightly with the season. Deep emerald greens, blue-greens, light mint greens, and forest greens add interest to the landscape as different species of moss come to dominance with changing temperatures and precipitation patterns.

Moss adds the appearance of age to structures where it grows. When growing on a new retaining wall, the moss causes the wall to appear as though it has been in place for a long time. It gives the impression of seclusion and quiet, and will even grow up the shaded trunks of trees. When growing on the ground, moss is soft and pleasant to walk upon, and it requires very little care once established.

Top E-Commerce Marketing Tips

While many marketers are finding it more difficult to drive conversions through traditional advertising methods, investing in high-value content is a proven method for inspiring trust and willingness to buy in your target market.

There are right and wrong ways to go about e-commerce marketing, and the following are some of the most effective methods to keep in mind.

Identify your best platforms to capitalize on

Social media is naturally one of the most potentially powerful avenues for successful e-commerce marketing, but naturally, you’ll want to avoid spreading yourself too thin across multiple platforms. Depending on what your niche is and what you have to offer, certain platforms may be more prudent to invest time and energy into than others. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and all other platforms may or may not be equally well-suited for reaching your target audience, so make use of your analytics and conduct research to see where they’re most active.

Lock down the best times to publish your content

In addition to making sure that you publish content in the right place, you’ll also want to target the right times as well. Generally speaking, the morning is a more effective time to get content engagement than the night, and the middle of the week provides a higher rate of engagement than weekends.

Prioritize providing value over selling

The most successful content creators understand the potential profit that can be enjoyed by making an effort to offer freebies. Though giving away eBooks for free may not provide an immediate profit, followers will be more easily convinced of your credibility and value if they’re given a chance to enjoy your best content without a paywall.

Share good reviews as a sign of social proof

Social proof is instrumental in making a lasting impact in a saturated marketplace. Rather than hoping that the target market takes your word for it, sharing proof of positive reception to your product can be extremely effective for inspiring confidence. Like a Yelp page with stories from satisfied customers will lead to more business than a blank page without a review, having positive testimonies to share can be the difference between booming business and no business at all.

Experiment with strategies to re purpose your best-performing content

The lifespan of any piece of educational content that you create can be extended through skillful re purposing. If you’ve got a blog post that gains serious traction, you might want to consider taking that blog post and using its prompt as the basis for an infographic. Likewise, info graphics can be used as the basis for video content that delivers the same information in a more dynamic fashion.


Ultimately, e-commerce marketing is a matter of timing, precision, and innovation. Use your analytics to identify when the best times are publish your content, develop a solid idea of what your most powerful platforms are, prioritize providing value over selling, show social proof, and creatively re purpose your best content marketing material whenever possible.

Successful Ways To Entice Folks To Read Your Blog

Freebies Attracts More Readers To Your Blog
As any longtime content creator will tell you, the key to retaining an audience with your content is to consistent provide them with value. There are countless blog owners out there that only offer their best content for a price, and while this can potentially be profitable if the content is of a certain quality, far more readers will be attracted and maintained by offering some premium content for free. We also offer some tree discount coupons occasionally to our blog.
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Altruistically Provide Value Through Educational Content

The Internet presents people with an endless ocean of opportunity to discover valuable information, but the abundance of dubious sources makes it difficult for many to find answers that they can legitimately trust in. People are willing to pay a significant amount of money for credible knowledge, and as an expert in your field, offering your knowledge for free provides an invaluable opportunity to learn to your followers.

Whatever your content creation strategy may be, always make a point to creatively offer helpful tips. The ways in which you could go about providing helpful tips to your readers are only limited by your imagination; aside from blog posts, you could also create small ebooks and guides to offer as freebies in exchange for an email list subscription.

Any complimentary ebook that you write can be made with the same amount of care that you put into one that you would offer for a listed price; even if it isn’t sold for a profit, the volume of new followers that can be generated from sharing it openly can be worth just as much as actual sales.

Social Media Syndication

The influx of new readers that you can generate by offering free value reaches maximum potential with the right promotional strategy. While informational content alone is certainly valuable, it’s only half of the battle; the second half has to do with your strategy for raising awareness about what it is you have to offer among people who need it the most.

One of the best ways that you can spread the word about your offer is through social media involvement. Whether you’re offering a free book, an instructional course, or any other kinds of give-a-ways, platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be instrumental in your strategy to get the right people talking about your offer. Encouraging users to spread the word about the give-a-way can enhance its viral potential.

Sharing your Free Offers with Infuencers

Rather than just posting a link to your offer and hoping that people gravitate to it with a paid promotion, you can accelerate things by getting in contact with thought leaders who have follower bases of your ideal reader.

If you took inspiration from any high-profile mentors in the creation of what you’re giving away to your ideal readers, publicly crediting them on social media could potentially result in them sharing the offer with their own follower base; as their own readers would largely be made up of your target audience, this could cause your blog to skyrocket in exposure very quickly.

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Kenya’s Christmas Miracle 2016

Kenya is a special person. Married to a law officer with 2 boys, she’s expecting a girl in 3 months. Kenya is legally deaf and said the only thing she dreads is not being able to hear her newborn baby cry. She is dependant on her husband and others to help her at night because unless the baby lays on her chest, she doesn’t know it when it wakes up. I received a call from a lady named Crystal at the clinic in Youngstown Ohio after I sent a blog out about kenya needing help. She offered to have her free hearing aids if she’d come from Tennessee to Ohio a 12 hour trip. She made in on 12-14-16 to Youngstown Ohio and below is the T.V Clip the local news channel aired.

Televised Clip Of When Kenya Went To Ohio

Kenya, a 26 year old wife & mother. 6 months pregnant. Needs Hearing Aids, Please help.
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Kenya is a 26 year old young lady. She lives in Altamont Tennessee. She works for me and my husband in our nursery, Kenya’s husband Philip serves our local county as a police officer. Kenya and Philip have 2 boys, ages 9 and 4. Kenya is 6 months expecting with her third child which is a girl. She is a blessing at our office and helps anyone do anything they need her to help with. She’s is very meek and nice and is always willing to lend a hand. But she can not hear well at all. She only has 30% hearing in one ear and less than that in the other. I want to help her get hearing aids.

I noticed when Kenya first started working for us over a year ago she would say “excuse me” or “what did you say” a lot and watch people’s mouths. It didn’t take me long to understand she was almost as near deaf as anyone I’d seen in my 48 years.

Kenya and her husband bought a mobile home on a couple acres and she loves horses, dogs and is  a local volunteer in our county with Animal Lights, a not for profit organization to help dogs get homes and the clinical care they need. If anyone can not afford vet services, Kenya will get up at 3 am and come get a sick dog. She’s a special person that has a problem.

As everyone knows law enforcement does not pay no where near what they should for the men and women standing in the middle of harm’s way. Kenya works part time and they have a substantial amount of debit, some they are making small monthly payments on just to keep from having to be sued in court over. But they do what they can to survive and keep their mortgage and car payments made on time. It’s hard for them to buy groceries at times with their income.

I am creating this blog because I want to ask everyone that can afford $1, $5, $10 or more to donate to get Kenya hearing aids. I went to Walmart and she now has a hunting hearing aid that is not helping, due to her deafness being so advanced. It’s an inherited ear problem and she’s had many surgeries. Hearing aids cost $6000 and there’s no way Kenya can afford another bill. Would you please pledge with me to help Kenya?

It’s tax deductible and when we raise enough money, I will put all receipts on this blog to prove this is no scheme, it’s real. A real person, a good person needing some help.

May God Bless you for your efforts and all funds will remain in my paypal account until we have reached our $6000 goal to get Kenya an appointment with an audiologist so she can hear her baby cry, her phone ring and be able to communicate normal. She’s tried to get help but the government offers none for someone so young not on disability.

My Address and Personal Info- Tammy Sons ( I am Kenya’s Employer)
12845 State Route 108
Altamont Tn 37301

10 Professions For Highest Income

While fit and suitability are very important factors in choosing a career – some would say the most important – expected income is important too. Below you will find a list of ten professions with the highest income in America. Many of the highest paying jobs are in the medical field, but in the interest of diversity this list has included high-paying positions in other fields. Nearly all of them are managerial positions and do take plenty of experience and training to be qualified for.


Physicians earn an average of $187,200 annually, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The outlook for this position is quite good, as it is expected to grow much faster than average in the foreseeable future. Physicians must be able to work with and counsel patients on issues relating to their health, including diet, exercise, medications and preventative healthcare. They must also use their knowledge and critical thinking skills to diagnose patients and prescribe medications. Becoming a physician involves an undergraduate degree, four years of medical school, and additional residency after that, especially if a specialization is desired.


Attorneys average an income of $115,820 per year according to the BLS. To become an attorney, one needs to possess an undergraduate degree and undertake a further three years of law school. They are also required to pass the bar examination in any state they wish to practice law. Attorneys represent clients in court and give legal advice to individuals, businesses and government agencies, with many specializing in different areas of law.


With average annual earnings of $183,611 per PayScale, psychiatry is yet another high-paying position. Psychiatrists diagnose mental illnesses and disorders and help their patients learn to manage them. Psychiatrists, unlike psychologists (in most states), are able to prescribe medication. Psychiatrists must be board-certified and have graduated from an accredited medical school of psychiatry in addition to holding a bachelor’s degree.


Chief executive officers boast an average yearly salary of $159,891 according to PayScale, but the only true limit on CEO income is the success of the business. They are responsible for managing top employees, planning business strategies to direct their company, making major decisions and shouldering accountability of the organization. Unlike other high-paying professions, CEOs do not even need to have a college degree to run a successful business, although a major in business or a master’s in business administration can be extremely beneficial.

IT Systems Manager

The BLS reports that IT Systems Managers make an average of $131,600 per year. This position usually requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field and several years of experience. Responsibilities include implementing, maintaining, designing and expanding the information technology systems of an organization. They ensure systems are working properly and remain updated at all times, fix issues when they arise, and that proper security measures are in place. The occupation is projected to grow much faster than average due to the continued increase in importance of technology and computers in the business world.

Creative Director

Glassdoor reported that Creative Directors earned an average of $115,000 as of 2016. They lead teams responsible for creative work, whether that is graphic design, music, advertising, video or other types of media. They are typically responsible for promoting a product, service or organization and keeping a brand consistent across all media produced by an organization. A bachelor’s degree or education from a technical school, along with industry experience, is what is needed for this position.

Research & Development Manager

According to Glassdoor, Research and Development Managers command a $142,120 per year salary on average. They manage teams responsible for improving existing products, developing new products, and testing products. A master’s or doctorate in engineering, physics, biochemistry or a related field is usually required for employment in this position, as well as industry experience. As with most other professions on this list, problem solving and leadership skills are a must.

Software Development Manager

PayScale reports an average annual salary of $116,657 for software development managers. They work to develop software for just about any field, including for government, military, medical, entertainment and scientific use. They are often also responsible for updating existing software to fix bugs or other issues. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or related field is typically required, as well as programming experience.


According to PayScale, orthodontists take home an average of $153,740 per year. Orthodontists provide treatment and relief of teeth and jaw abnormalities, typically through the use of braces or other dental implants. Besides a bachelor’s degree, aspiring orthodontists must complete three years of dentistry school and be licensed to practice in their state.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers command a respectable yearly salary of $124,850 per the BLS. Their job is to generate interest among buyers in services or products and work with other departments or staff in order to do so. The occupation is currently on the rise, with a projected 9% growth rate. Usually only work experience and a bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications or a related field are required to be a marketing manager.

While they can require a lot of schooling and training to be qualified for, these ten professions are without a doubt some of the highest paying ones in the country. If you’re looking to bring in the big bucks, these positions are the ones you should be aiming for.

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Hornbeam Tree

Hornbeam Tree – Carpinus caroliniana

The hornbeam tree, also known as the American hornbeam, is a popular landscaping tree that attracts birds and other wildlife throughout the year. The hornbeam has a compact shape with a thin trunk and a full, round canopy. The tree reaches heights of 20 to 40 feet wide with a canopy that is 20 to 30 feet wide. This tree grows in Hardiness Zones 3 through 9.

Often used in landscaping, the hornbeam is suitable for shading small lawns and as an understory element in shaded areas. The tree has a slow growth rate of approximately 1 foot per year. As an ornamental, the hornbeam offers extravagant foliage in both spring and autumn. In spring, crimson leaflets turn green, and the green leaves become deep red, orange or yellow in autumn. The flowers are catkins, and female hornbeam trees produce winged seeds throughout the spring months.

Hornbeam trees are low-maintenance trees that grow well in full sun, full shade and partially shaded locations. The trees prefer slightly acidic, moist soil that is rich in organic matter, but can also tolerate wet soil. The trees are generally resistant to pests and disease, and hornbeams tolerate hot weather and flooded conditions. To successfully transplant the tree, wrap the root ball in burlap before planting it in spring.

The hornbeam tree has a smooth grey trunk that is corded like muscles, resulting in the common name of musclewood. The simple, alternate leaves are dark green with serrated leaf margins and an elliptic or oval shape. The pinnate leaves grow from two to five inches long.

As the tree ages, it develops multiple trunks for an ornamental addition to winter landscapes. Alternately, the tree can be trimmed to a central stem to produce a single trunk that has layers of foliage. Known as the ironwood tree, mature hornbeams have drooping branches that resist breakage.

Regal Privet Plant

Regal Privet Plant – Ligustrum obtusifolium var. regelianum
The Regal Privet Plant is considered a fast-growing, hardy shrub. If left to grow on its own, it will create spreading branches that can mature to a beautiful, found-like hedge. This formation is what makes it so attractive as a backdrop to a garden in landscaping. It is capable of growing to hide things like foundations or walkway edges. The Regal Privet Plant has a wide range of zones, growing best in zones 3 to 7. It grows at a moderate rate in full sun to partial shade. It reaches a height of about 10 to 12 feet while spreading at approximately the same distances. One attractive quality about the Regal Privet is its great adaptability to a number of soil types. It prefers moist, well-drained soils that see a relative amount of sun when in a humid, southern environment, but it is also a hardy deciduous hedge when growing in more northern climates.

The Regal Privet Plant’s upright growth is marked by green foliage and white flowers that bloom in the spring. It carries dark berries through the winter and is both adaptable and prunable as a landscaping plant. Its dense foliage are what make it so attractive for use in backdrops, but its berries are also attractive to a number of birds and wildlife who come to eat from them in the winter. The plants grow upright in oval to radiation rounded formations, then achieve an arching vase growth as they mature. If frequently pruned, these plants will form a hedge shape. The dark green leaves are semi-evergreen in the south and slowly deciduous in the north, growing opposite in elliptical to oblong shapes of 1″ to 1.5″ of length. The blooms appear in May and June and attract a number of bees. The growth rate of Regal Privets depend on the frequency of pruning. The plants are useful in urban areas as they adapt well to stress.

Wetland Shrubs – Rustic Beauties

Wetlands are naturally occurring areas of an environment that act like basins that fill during rain events. These areas retain moisture due to their soil composition. They are perfect for a variety of wetland shrubs like witch hazel, button bush, hazel alder and oak leaf hydrangea. These shrubs have sturdy roots that thrive on moist soil with good drainage. They produce full, showy foliage and in some varieties, blooms early in spring.

Growing Wetland Shrubs
Nurseries that sell wetland shrubs do so in alignment with local and state environmental compliance so these shrubs do not become extinct. It’s important to check the classification to insure the shrubs are not on the endangered list and are suitable for the specifics of the growing zone. There are different types of wetlands. For instance, some salt marshes are designated wetlands. There are wetlands near swamps, vernal pools, pinelands and prairies. Learn which type of wetland region will be sufficient to grow wetlands shrubs.

Witch Hazel
This is the name for the species known as Hamamelis. It is a lovely wetland shrub with bright golden flowers with a spidery look. It can be trained to grow into a tree. However, it is not known to be a prolific shade tree. As shrub, however, it does nicely along fences and where ever low lying shade is needed.

Button Bush
This wetlands shrub has an interesting appeal. As its name indicates, it has blooms that appear like white buttons. It can grow in water or very moist soil. The little buttons or “orbs” have small protruding spikes. The natural habitat for this plant is a marsh.

Hazel Alder
This wetlands plant grows as far north as Newfoundland and as far south as Florida. It is one of the more unusual wetlands shrubs. It has tiny seed cones that look like miniature pine cones. However, this shrub takes about ten years before it matures and grows up to 12 feet in height. The brownish red twigs are covered with a light hairy texture.

Oak Leaf Hydrangea
This is a wetlands shrub with much interest. It has large, expansive leaves similar to that of oak trees and pretty clusters of white flowers that have a Victorian look. This shrub has several varieties from which to choose. Most spectacular are the leaves that turn a deep burgundy with touches of indigo. This wetlands shrub has been hybridized for greater variety.

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